Meals & Nutrition

"Movilla House leads the way in its quality of food and presentation of special dietary needs.” The Regulation & Quality Improvement Authority.

Delicious food is one of life’s pleasures and we believe it is every resident's right to enjoy good food.

Our residents enjoy home-cooked, freshly made dishes and choices at every meal. Our chefs take pride in preparing balanced dishes and can also cater for individual dietary needs. Just like at home residents can enjoy food and drink at any time of day.

We are also more than happy to cater for family and friends should they wish to join their loved ones for a meal or special occasion. When a new resident arrives a member of our team will discuss any likes, dislikes and dietary requirements and will always endeavour to fulfill a specific request.

Soft Diets

It can be difficult to create nutritious and appetising meals for someone who has difficulty chewing or swallowing. However, this should not mean that all they have to look forward to at mealtimes is pureed food that is unappealing.

Many people love fish and chips as a treat, but imagine poached fish and mashed potatoes pureed into a thick porridge like mixture and spooned onto a plate. Now it doesn’t sound so appealing, it doesn’t look or taste like fish and chips. With a little bit of magic and care it can look and taste like the real thing.

Movilla was one of the first local nursing homes to developing innovative texture-modified food. This has been an exciting process for our pioneering chefs, residents and families as well as professionals who are involved with those with modified diets such as dieticians and RQIA.

Residents who have been prescribed a modified diet by SALT (Speech and Language Therapist) can enjoy a dignified dining experience. Well presented and safe, our texture-modified meals are as appealing as they are tasty.

I want residents in our care to receive the best food possible whether they are on a soft diet or not. Movilla is leading the way in creating soft diet food that is fit for the 21st century. Soft and puréed meals once lacked two vital ingredients: distinctive flavours and visual appeal. Our Creative and Soft Diet Display and Fortified meals bring delicious tastes and attractive presentation to residents who have difficulty swallowing food.

Chris Adair, Catering Manager

Residents tell me how much they love the quality and choice of food in Movilla House.

Michaela Campbell, Acting Home Manager